21 September 2010

Sometimes breaking one's bad habits means asking others to change ...

...their behavior too (even if it means to stop being nice)!

Case in point -- I've lost just about 15 pounds since the end of July by doing all the ridiculously obvious things: eating less bad stuff, eating less overall, and exercising much more.  So, during my radio show today, I zipped over to Starbucks looking for a yogurt, but the familiar faces on the other side of the counter immediately went to work on my old regular request of a medium hot chocolate.  I hadn't even ordered yet, and they were off and running.  Sensing what they were doing, I quickly had to ask them to stop their great service and just give me what I now wanted...They understood (and even complimented me on how good I looked, but I still felt like I was letting 'em down)!

1 comment:

  1. Awww, poor daddy. You're a brave, BRAVE man!! ; )