31 May 2009

What I don't understand about that 10 PM Leno show...

...and what should really irk Conan, too:

Imagine for a minute that I'm a big star with a movie opening next Friday, am I going to appear on both Jay and Conan on NBC in LA? If so, which first? I can't imagine that Jay's show will not be the preferred, and more prestigious, program, so why bother with Conan at all -- much less with that Jimmy Fallon -- although at least he's on the opposite coast.

I must admit I laughed heartily at Tom Hanks' recent appearance on Letterman and his suggestion of a "Dave at Eight" show (a.k.a., CSI: Dave).

I remember when Johnny's retirement meant something: he was leaving and a new era was beginning. No such drama here: no one's leaving, no one's changing. It's instead much ado about time slots.

Of course the real time slot news ain't Tonight (or Earlier This Evening or whatever Jay's show's name will be), it's rather that, in order to appease the East Coast and perhaps even prove to youngsters that "Yes, Virginia, there is a Fall Classic," World Series games are going to begin before 8 PM --- at 7:57!

(No, seriously, that's what MLB announced.)

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  1. It's all about time slots. NASCAR starts evening races at 8 PM so that left coasties don't have to come home early, but we have to stay up 'til midnight to watch the finish, or just read about it in the paper after falling asleep with just 20 laps to go. How thrilling. (Some of us can't afford TIVO-DVR.)