26 February 2009

The next questions to answer...

On the CCSU faculty listserv (to offer a brief respite from the incessant rants of a certain professor), a colleague asked about our present reading habits:

"What's on Your Night Stand?"

My answer was Peter Ackroyd's The Fall of Troy, Alan Bennett's The Uncommon Reader, and A.A. Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh.

I humbly suggest these follow-up questions:

"What's under your bed?"

"What's in your trunk?"

"What's buried in your backyard?"

and, of course,

"What's in YOUR wallet?"


  1. I read The Uncommon Reader recently and was thoroughly charmed. In addition to his wry style and his imaginings about life and relationship in the palace, there's a lot in it about the mystery of reading.
    I wonder what's under the Queen's bed. Under mine--an untidy pile of books and a bunch of literate dust bunnies.

  2. I agree completely, Carolyn. What it shows about how reading can disrupt the way you interact with the world (in bad but mostly good ways). It raises fascinating questions, but it's as funny as heck too!