30 December 2008

Harold Pinter, RIP, in more ways than one

I first encountered the drama of Harold Pinter as a junior in high school in drama class in which we were given scripts of two of his "Revue Sketches," "Interview" and "trouble in the Works"-- odd little examples of British humor. With plot lines of how pornographers deal with the "Xmas" season and how manufacturers deal with unhappy workers, and punchlines of "Communists" and "Brandy Balls," respectively, they were as far a cry from my suburban Cincinnati upbringing as I could imagine. A truly honorable goal for any school, I must say.

And, lest we forget, they killed at the Christmas concert/performance that December!

Looking back -- or, should I say, at the present -- I can't imagine any HS doing the pornography/communism skit now, if there ever was another one that did it then. Too great a chance to offend someone, anyone.

Why risk that, even in the name of broadening young people's horizons, when we can do another production of High School Musical or Beauty and the Beast?

Mr. Pinter, we will miss you.

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