04 June 2014

Some suggested names for Hartford's new baseball team

Given that the brain trust that is the ownership of the New Britain Rockcats has decided to head to Connecticut's capital city in 2016, I figured I'd be helpful with some suggestions for a new team name:

1) "New England's Rising Stars" (since that worked so well for the great city of Hartford the first time around);

2) Either "The Connecticut Opera" or "Hartford Ballet" (since, well, the city isn't using those two names any longer);  [With its recent "administrative restructuring," "The Hartford Symphony" name could be available soon, too.  Watch this space for details.]

3) "The Benedict Arnolds" (to make full use of the state's boffo "Still Revolutionary" ad campaign), or (lest, heaven forbid!, Hartford  seem to be promoting any other part of Connecticut and Arnold was born in Norwich, the home of the CT Tigers, after all), perhaps just "The Turncoats" or "The Traitors";

or finally

4) If the city really wants to embrace both its founding, as well as the apparent ease with which the team's owner will hop into any bed, with the right monetary sum:

"The Hartford Hookers"

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