30 November 2013

As John Prine once sang, "Blow up Your TV!"

Sadly, I predict that it's only a matter of time before there airs:

a) LOVE HER OR LEAVE HER (a reality show modeled after HGTV's LOVE IT OR LIST IT) in which a husband has to decide whether he divorces his newly plastic-surgeried wife...after he sees the results; 


b) WHOM NOT TO WED (i.e., the "groom" version of WHAT NOT TO WEAR); 


c) SAY YES TO THE CAKE BOSS, in which that Hoboken baker hits on every bride-to-be who enters his shop, and she has to decide whether to sleep with him (fondant and all);

and/or (possibly)

d) FLEA, the adventures of an Ohio high school at which all the geeky and traditionally outcast kids are really, REALLY involved in flea circuses (see clip below), much to the chagrin of every bully at the school (student, teacher, coach, and administrator)...not to mention...er...the district-wide exterminator. 

Oh yeah, who's the new Brandon Tartikoff now!? 

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