27 June 2013

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Gilbert Gigliotti

wonders about the credentials of the folks whom Comcast employs to write the t.v. show and movie descriptions that pop up on the screen when you press the "Info" button on the remote. Whatever they are, they're not indicative of people who know what they're doing.
is never fond of his physician's saying, "Hmm, I don't know what that is."
must confess, in the wake of James Gandolfini's untimely death, that he's never seen a single episode of The Sopranos.  In his defense, he admits to having loved the short-lived The Montefuscos, the Sinatra episode of Life with Luigi, and Rosemary Clooney's "Mambo Italiano."
would argue that the decision is correct, i.e., that the imposition on only those state is unfair, but that the remedy is wrong.  He thinks EVERY state should have to have any changes in voting laws approved by the feds.

thinks there's a reason that you can't spell "Gilbert Gigliotti" with the majority of letters in "D.I.Y." Note to M. P.: Your next husband really needs to be handy.

thought, when he read the title "Oates Lands at Apollo" on an article at Inside Higher Ed, that Daryl Hall's former partner either booked a gig at Harlem's most famous theatre or was heading to the moon. He was wrong on both counts. (It's really about somebody named Jane and the parent company of University of Phoenix. Yawn.)

notes that there was no such thing as a "high-school-sponsored all-night substance-free grad party" in 1977, if for no other reason than the rationing of hyphens during the Carter administration.


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