16 December 2011

(a few of the) Questions which I really can't answer

1.  Do people really have so much broken gold jewelry just hanging around their house that they can collect it, bring it to "Good Ole Tom," and get lots of money for it?

2.  Why exactly does anyone need a boxed set with a regular DVD and a blu-ray disc of the same film?

3.  The purpose of watching a radio program on television is...?

4.  Once my free trial period is over, is there any compelling reason why I should PAY for HBO and Starz?  (So far, Secretariat and The Green Hornet would argue "no.")

5.  Wouldn't God, when Christopher Hitchens came knock, knock, knocking on Heaven's door just a few hours ago, want the old contrarian stayin' around there for some good rollicking conversations?

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