04 July 2010

Happy Independence Day, Everyone!

I've always wondered why the military gets so much attention on the 4th of July, when they already have Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and isn't there an "Armed Forces Day", too?  It's not that I neither understand nor appreciate the role the military has played in the history of our free nation, but it has always seemed to me that the Fourth of July shouldn't be about the physical fight for Independence and the bravery demonstrated and sacrifices made in battle, but rather the philosophical and political bravery exhibited in Philadelphia on those devilishly hot days in early July 1776 in Philadelphia.

You know, the stuff celebrated so wonderfully in the musical 1776!
And just as Tom here has written
We say "To hell with Great Britain"
The eagle inside belongs to us!

:"The Egg", 1776

Enjoy the link ...and the holiday!

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